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Clarks– Winter 07

Benson Jay Dean Clark

24-Jan-07 12:16 am

I (Kyle), had just spent the week in Mexico on a Dental service mission. I joked to the people there that I hoped I wouldn’t return home to discover I had a new son in California… I had no idea how possible this reality was. I returned to Cleveland on Saturday, and picked up Kelly and Brent Monday night. It was only 24 hours later that she went into labor! (That’s the last time will fly her a month before her due date.) The details of the delivery are in the column on the left. After the delivery Benson spent Wednesday thru Friday in the NICU, and graduated to the fourth floor on Saturday, where he receives the same support but is in a much more comfortable environment to visit and hold, or even board. He has been on an IV since birth, has spent some time on O2, and has now spent some time under the blue light. He breaths a little fast, but other than that, he’s in great shape. The attention is mostly precautionary. He’s working his way up to 44 ml (about an ounce and a half) of breast milk every three hours, and what he doesn’t drink he gets via the oral-gastric tube. Altogether it’s a little sad, but we’re grateful that he has so much support, and in many ways, it’s been easier than with Brent, who was difficult to feed. We hold him all we can, and as you can see, he looks a lot like Brent, and is suuuper cute. We’re in love. He’s opened his eyes and looked at us a little when we talk to him and rub his forehead. Kelly’s recovery has been phenomenal. She never got high blood pressure this time, no edema, no drugs (epidural/pitocin), and she’s been able to get WAY more sleep than with Brent… so far. She was walking around just hours after the delivery. Brent spent four days at friend’s homes, and Mark and Diane have now come to save the day (for which we are extremely grateful!). All said, we’re in great shape, and excited about our new addition.

It basically went like this…


Monday 22nd

8:00 pm         Kelly and Brent return from                       California.

Tuesday  23rd

8:00 pm         Kelly thinks she’s finally                          having some Braxton Hicks                       contractions/false labor.

                      Kelly says that we should                         start getting mentally                             prepared for our new son…                       start thinking about what to                       do with Brent, nesting… how                       to handle delivery, etc..

8-10 pm         Increasing contractions,                          pain, and eventually some                         vomiting .

10:30 pm       Kyle’s trying to fall asleep                       while Kelly’s sitting up in                         bed writing Brent’s daily                         schedule out, timing her                          contractions.

11:15 pm        Kelly calls the Doctor, hangs                        up, and says “get in the car.”                       “What should I do with                           Brent?” “I don't care, let’s                       go.” Kelly can hardly sit in                       her seat, and has us running                       stop lights… the whole                            classic drama...

11:40 pm        We arrive at the hospital,                       and run in...“My wife’s in                          labor! Get a wheelchair and                       take the car!”

11:45 pm        Dr. Janicki says, “You’re                          dilated 8cm. This boy is                           coming right now.” “What                       about an epidural?” “There’s                       no time for that.”

Wednesday 24th

12:00 am       Kyle runs Brent down to                          Gibb Fitzner who picked him                       up at the hospital entrance.”

                      Kelly starts pushing.

12:16 am        Delivery! He’s out with less                       than thirty minutes in the                       hospital, 4 hours of labor,                       exactly one month before                       his due date, 14 days after                       Brent’s birthday, and three                       days before his cousin                             Cameron’s due date.



Weight          5 lbs. 8 oz.

Length          17.5 in

Blood              A+

Delivered by  Dr. Janicki


Brent’s first venture out into the snow!  It didn’t last long—a couple of face freezes in the snow and we were back inside.  But boy is he curious!

Special thanks to the Nickersons  not only for the fun package, but for the extra fun packaging as well!  We couldn’t keep Brent out of the box, or the peanuts in!


On Christmas eve we made gingerbread houses (from scratch!) - a new family tradition.  We did a lot of other fun holiday things to ramp up to the special day, including a 1000 piece puzzle while we listened to  Charle’s Dicken”s A Christmas Carol.  That was very fun!

Text Box: THE FARM
Text Box: Brent –how about those SHEEP?  
He loves them!

mmm....what tasty cow head

Santa brought Brent a very cool piano, and some bubbles in his stocking!

But what’s even cooler than the piano is this coo-coo clock Jay and Pat got for us while in the real Black Forest in Europe. 




Kyle  and I made new shudders and Kyle painted them, the door, and around the door during Christmas break.

Brent’s 1st time sitting forward in his new toddler car seat

Candy LandHiking through the MetroParkWelcoming Benson

A visit and a birthday wish from Betty and George.  They are so sweet!

Ah...but what could be sweeter than a

1 year old, cuddly, Brent Warner ….

and his dog?  (which we’re all attached to)



And here are Kyle’s ...pets.  The Papaya Tree and just one of many peppers , growing in our little “greenhouse”.  This is a habenero.

A brother!  What do you think about that Brent?

Mexico!!Text Box: Viva Guaymas!

 We loved having Grandma Clark visit when Benson was born.  And Brent loves making cookies with his Mom!

Morning family scripture study… looks so peaceful & serine doesn’t it?

The Liddles

Happy Valentines Day!