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Clarks– Summer 06

Summer 06

           This summer was my first semester in the clinic. It was a huge change from endless hours of lecture. Now I get to spend six hours a day in the clinic and only two in the classroom. This is how it will be for the next two years!

After spending May in California and Utah we spent our first summer in Ohio except for two weeks in August when we returned to visit Utah yet again, this time for Kyle’s eye surgery, the Carter-Parkinson reunion, and the Clark Big Sky reunion.



By now Brent is quickly filling up his crib.

Early June

We love every season in Ohio except winter. We love to visit the metro parks where Kelly looks up trees while I take pictures.

June 10th

Brent’s 5-month birthday BBQ

(unbeknownst to our friends who threw the party).

Family Photo Shoot at South Green Metro Park. Remote in hand and no one to make Brent smile but man we make being a family look good!

These are the boyz–

Gibb, Nate, Casey, Dave.


Our friends had taught us long before this that Brent could swing at the park. We were skeptical at first, but he loved it from the get-go.


Brent’s first Campout

Kelly and I took a short trip to West Virginia to research Patrick Gass of the Lewis and Clark expedition for Gary Peterson’s Book. On the way we camped at Jefferson Lake State Park for Brent’s first night in a tent! He had his ups and downs but we like to think he loved it, even if he couldn’t get in on the crazy rope swinging.


Brent’s first time in his booster seat. By now he can sit up pretty well. Look how excited he was about this new experience!

26-Jun Our 2nd Anniversary!

After dinner Kelly and I found ourselves meandering into increasingly sketchy roads. I wanted to see what the Outback could do but Kelly somehow convinced me to turn around at this point. It would have made for a great anniversary though… we had no cell phones. Instead I was brought to considered all the muddy roads I have avoided by being with her. (aaahhh…)

Enjoying the Yard.

Brent LOVES the grass. He loves picking it and sucking it and walking on it. This is our papaya tree that a friend started growing from a grocery store fruit.

Vulture’s Knob

Brent Warner- Campout the Second

Vulture’s Knob is a mountain biking course through the woods complete with wooden ramps and marshes. We camped out and rode the next morning. What do you do at night? Guitar, dutch ovens, and wild photography.

Behold the fire-flies.


All good bottles of milk are warmed on an open fire… and served over smoke.

Dan, Pete, Kyle, Brett, Justin, Dave, Nate


After the ride we had lunch at Dr. Love’s House. He taught us Dentures at school.

Brooke and Chloe, Kelly and Brent, Cathy and Ashlyn

Mondays are free at the Cleveland Zoo!


Brent’s Six-Month B-day. Now he can sit up VERY well… and he’s stinking cute!

15 July

Hill Cumorah Pageant and Palmyra


This was a great experience. We went to the temple in Palmyra and then visited the Sacred Grove and the Smith Home. The Pageant was well done and larger scale even than we had imagined. A security volunteer offered to let us sleep in his red barn (with a white horse on it) which we gratefully accepted. When we got to his barn however (at eleven at night), his wife insisted we “camp inside” so we got to sleep under his stuffed nine-banded armadillo… which is arguably the coolest thing one could ever sleep under. In the morning we helped him feed the horses and chickens and he fed us colored eggs.

Pretty cool guy eh?

The Sacred Grove

Here’s Brent after the load-up.

We think he was a little confused “about that.”


The Carter-Parkinson Reunion


The Clarks at Big Sky Reunion

Kyle’s turn for lasik. Thanks Dad!

Brent meets his cousin Josh



Horse-back riding in Blackfoot

(Brent’s First!)

Thanks Lilyas


Brent’s first really big… pink… hat.

This was a great trip. We attended wilderness medicine courses each morning and stayed in nice cabins up in the woods. My camera was broken so you’ll have to check out “Get Togethers” for a better look at this trip.

Unfortunately that’s it for August. My camera was broken and in the shop and besides, I went back to school and heaven knows I don’t take pictures there, well I guess I do now… here’s what they look like: We’re still working out the kinks, but we’re getting pretty good.

This reunion consisted of several days of intense events… okay and some spiritual uprisings. Saturday boating at Deer Creak, Firseside on Sunday, and Olympic games Monday.