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Clarks- Winter 06

The Delivery


Kelly went to see Dr. Reider Monday morning for a usual checkup, or so she thought. She had been having stronger contractions and her blood pressure was up, so he sent her to the hospital. She wasn’t planning on staying because she’d been there three times already. I was in school finishing up a patient when I heard my phone start to vibrate every few minutes. Our friend Brook had been leaving me messages to, “Go to the hospital asap.” It’s just a thirty second walk from our Dental school to the delivery area. I found Kelly on the same floor I’d found her on before, only this time in a Labor and Delivery room(LDR5). She had an IV in her and a Dr. was asking her all kinds of questions.



It basically went like this...


11:00 am        Kelly checked in

                      At this time she was only dilated                       to two centimeters and having

                      regular contractions.

12:30pm        I got here

                      Due to small baby size and high

                      blood pressure the decision was

                      made to keep her at the hospital                       until delivery.

                      After a short visit I went home

                      to pack and get the car seat.

6:00               By evening she was dilated to

                      3 cm.

9:30               Dr. David stripped her                                       membrane.

                      We had a nice evening together

                      and spent the night.



6:30 am         Started Pitocen

                      Watched Life of Mammals on

                      lap top.

12:35   pm       Water broke

2:30              Dilated to 4 cm, started Nubain

                      Nubain nap with Quile

4:45               5-6 cm, “Give me the epidural”

5:20               Epidural

6:15                9.5 cm

7:00               Start Pushing

7:34               Delivery

10:30              Baby’s First Nap



Weight          5 lbs. 5 oz.

Length          17.5 in

Head              50th %

Body               10-25th %

Blood              O+

Delivered by  Dr. Sage

Brent Warner

Here he is!



Bed Time

This little guy is awesome. His skin is beautiful. I had no idea he’d be this cute. He’s long and thin and it looks like he might have my long skinny feet. He’s four hours old now and he’s doing great. Kelly is exhausted and finally getting some sleep at 11:30. We’ve graduated to the third floor and it’s much more comfortable up here. They say we can use cell phones now so tomorrow you’ll all be able to chat with Kelly and get her side of it. We’re parents!

After Day One– The Rest of the Hospital Experience


He’s got a heck of a grip.


We can’t put him down! He’s WAY too cute for that.

This is the profile we got to know from the ultrasounds.



He can already wink better than some pros.

He calls this “Blue Steel.”


Here are those long feet I told you about!


Eye Color? So far just black.


Cute little ears...


...and a long body. Poor little guy’s just skin and bones.


Here’s that profile again.

Who does he look like?


He thinks this is where he’s going to get most of his nourishment. It’s everywhere come feeding time, and usually there the rest of the time.


Okay… So, we weren’t going to show you this, but Kelly thinks it’s cute. They shaved it off when they gave him a bath after delivery. Now you know why we called him Sideburns... we picked it up on the ultrasound at week twenty!

We were so grateful to have Pops & Mama here to help us.  They arrived on Jan. 13th and stayed all week.  Kelly didn’t realize how much help she needed that first week at home.  Especially with a bout of high blood pressure which kept her in bed most of the time.  Pops & Mama made the  tastiest salads every day, and took care of Brent at night to let us get some sleep.  We sure loved having the help and the great company!  Thanks so much!

Grandma & Grandpa love their 1st grandson

“He’s tiny!”

(the most common spoken phrase at our house)

Some favorite faces

It wasn’t until early February that the huge hematoma on Brent’s head went away, leaving a horn of calcium deposit right where his cowlick is.  Luckily that didn’t last long either.  He’s not quite as tiny as he used to be, but definitely cuter!

Kyle took Mom and Dad to  Historic Kirtland

Kirtland Temple

Newell K. Whitney Store

 The School of the Prophets is located on the 2nd floor of the Whitney Store (left).

 The Saw Mill is one of Kelly’s favorite parts of the tour.  It is a ginormous saw powered by a water wheel.  They had fine tools and crafted beautiful woodwork,.

 So much depends upon a wooden wheelbarrow...

Text Box:  Okay, back to the BABY!

Opening stockings has always been Kelly’s favorite part of Christmas morning, but boy was she surprised this year!

Kyle entered 4 photos in a photo contest at the Bean Museam at BYU.  He received Honorable Mention for the bear, appropriately entitled “Oil on Canvas”.  Which picture do you like the best?  Which makes you want to be there the most?  Which one would you hang on your wall at home?

Kyle also enriches his school days with an occasional trip to the Botanical Gardens, where he can enjoy the tropics in the middle of a Cleveland winter and play around with his close-up lens .

An Exciting Winter at the Clarks


Well, the excitement all started around January 9th, when Kyle, got a message to find his wife in the hospital.  When he got there, I was all hooked up to the IV, dressed in lovely hospital garb, and lying on the very bed on which I would deliver our first child.  Kyle was surprised, “Is this the real thing?”  It was, and 36 hours later we had the realest, cutest, tiniest thing we’ve ever seen in our arms.  He knew our voices!  That was the beginning of parenthood for us. 


Now that we’ve been in this for over 2 months we feel like we’re getting the hang of this baby business.  For Brent, anyway, life’s pretty simple:  There’s a certain cry when he’s hungry, sleepy, and bored –learn the difference. He’s most happy right after he eats.  He talks to his “friends” (the 4 stuffed, bright colored sea animals hanging above his swing) more than he talks to us. Interaction through play and talk (not baby talk!) helps him develop his motor, language, social, and intellectual skills.  Although he started his life weighing a mere 5.5 pounds, after 10 weeks he has doubled it!  He loves being sung to, looking at people’s faces or even pictures of people, and being held. 


For Kyle and I life is a bit more complex.  I think the only thing that kept Kyle from not staying home everyday was his new commitment to not miss any classes this semester.  He is doing great in school.  He’s been doing a lot of lab work –making crowns, dentures, root canals, etc.  He seems to get “excellents” on all his projects.  He’s got an eye for detail and is patient enough to make them perfect.  He also, however, finishes super quick, often long before his peers.  You know Kyle– he’s organized and has a system for everything.  So with everything in place, he can cruise!  For these reasons alone his work as a dentist will be efficient.  But it’s his weird hair and fool-proof deodorant that will truly win hearts. 


I have enjoyed being a mother (yes, it’s weird, but I am really a MOM!).  (notice that MOM is WOW upsidedown?  Coincidence? I don’t think so!)  Like most women, I have that natural desire to nurture.  I just hope I can follow my Mom’s example.  I’ve been working with a few couples who are looking to buy a house.  I enjoy meeting, welcoming, and showing them around Cleveland Heights area– their new home.  Well, we’re glad that winter doesn’t last forever here, and it looks like it’s starting to warm up!