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Clarks- Spring 06

Text Box: Spring Break with the Nickersons
Dallas Texas
March 4-13

All bundled up

and ready



Brent took his first airplane ride at the age of 2 months!  Boy, this kid was

zonked out!

We couldn’t even wake him enough to suck on a pacifier.  We found out that he is very good in public as long as there is an engine roaring or motion of a moving stroller to put him to sleep.

Eric’s got the best view in town with these huge windows in his sky rise office

Oh boy if I didn’t have a baby in my arm...

Grandma  came to Texas too!

Text Box: The 3 Tarzans

A visit to downtown Dallas –Eric’s office.

Dallas Blooms

It’s a race!


Text Box: We concluded our trip with a visit to the Barkers.  Timber (Kelly’s cousin), his wife, Mindy, and their 2 kids, Kyle and Sarah, live exactly 2 miles away from the Nickersons.  We went over on Satureday evening and they made us chalupas and showed us their new house.  It’s fun to see my cousins all grown up and living like “real people!”  (We won’t feel like real people until Kyle’s done with school and we have at 3 or 4 kids.)

Fayette & Palmyra New York

We met Shelly, Ricky, and Rachel out there after Ricky ran the Boston Marathon.  Seeing the actual sites where Joseph Smith walked and talked with angels and the Lord was really neat and strengthened our testimonies of him as a Prophet and of the truthfulness of the Church.

Shelly, Ricky, Rachel Jordan in front of the Peter Whitmer home in Fayettle, NY, where the Church was organized on April 6, 1830.

The actual printing press where the first 5,000 copies of The Book of Mormon were printed.

Hill Cumorah, Palymyra, NY, where the golden plates lay hidden for over 1000 years.

Shelly, Kelly, Rachel, Brent on top of Hill Cumorah.

The Joseph Smith family home, where Joseph Smith Jr. was visited by Angel Moroni.

The Sacred Grove, behind the Smith home, where Joseph prayed and saw God and Jesus Christ.

The American side, with Canada in the background.

The Canadian side –which has the most impressive falls.

Niagara Falls

Brent’s baby blessing.  Easter, April 16, 2006

It was fun to have the folks there for the blessing and to celebrate Easter. 

Mom, holding to tradition, made her famous “eggs in a basket”.

We are very excited and grateful to have a brand new church building.  Kyle took this picture for the ward to use on flyers, gifts, etc.  Pretty good eh? Our branch also was recently made a ward. 

We’re beginning to refer to our home in Cleveland Heights as “home” -so don’t feel offended when we leave Utah and say we’re going home.  It feels good to be here, and we’re realizing that we are running out of time!  There are still many places in the East we would like to visit –Kyle’s mission in New Jersey, Washington D.C., some battlefields in Pennsylvania, the gorgeous countrysides of New Hampshire, lighthouses and wharfs in Maine (and Paula of course), and the largest caves in the world right there in Tennessee.  Wow, that’s a lot– we’ll probably end up just watching a lot of David Attenborough nature shows and other more controversial documentaries.


Brent Warner  — 3 months old

May 8th

Speaking of David Attenborough, he celebrated his 70th birthday in one of his favorite places on earth –The Galapagos Islands, with all it’s tortoises , and swimming iguanas.  We, of course, celebrated his birthday as well.  We had other “Sir David” fanatics (Kyle’s friends– go figure) over for a marathon of documentaries, bingo, cake, and letter writing to express to David our utmost wonder and gratitude for bringing the world to us in such a wonderful, exciting, educational way. 

Kyle and Dave Collette fishing at Punderson Lake


We had our own little talentshow here.  Ricky and Emma take 1st place with their amazing duo balancing act.

Shelly also takes 1st place with her ..um, I don’t know what it was, but it made us laugh!

Kelly & Shelly on the scary rides!  Ahh!!

So we had these flights to California.  We asked Ricky if we could come stay for a week in May, and we all kept it a secret from Shelly for many months!  When we arrived on their doorstep at 12:30 am, Ricky told Shelly that there was a family that needed a place to stay for the night.  Shelly of course imagines some poor, homeless family.  But as she starts coming down the stairs she realizes “something’s fishy here.”  And boy was she surprised to see us!  Thanks for a great week Shelly, Ricky, Emma, and Rachel!  Ricky –wanna play Settlers? (Consider carefully before answering!)

Utah Surprise Trip

After surprising Shelly in LA we zipped up to Utah (unannounced) and started plopping little Brent down on everybody’s front porches. Kelly had her eyes done by Grandpa Jay D. and now sees perfectly!

Memorial Day 29-May

We spent Memorial Day at Findley Lake State Park with Kendal, the Toblers, and the Collettes.

Kendal Comes to Ohio!

Kendal was awesome enough to save up cash to visit us in Ohio. We had a great time with her. Remember Kendal, what happens in Ohio… stays in Ohio.