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It’s been a long time since I visited Temple Square, all aglow with Christmas lights and manger scenes.  It was beautiful.  Kyle and I took the opportunity to go after walking through the Museum of Church History.  Shawn and Brooke offered to watch the boys so we could go out before the baby comes.  They are awesome!  Speaking of baby … he must really be growing in there as I’m getting quite uncomfortable.  I can’t believe I still have 6 weeks left –if he doesn’t come early that is.  Who knows.  We still have no idea what to name the little guy.  He’ll probably end up going by “little chancho” or “Larry Boy” as Brent is determined to call him. 

Tracy Aviary

Sweet!  The Collettes are in town!  They’re awesome because they’ll drive from Ohio to Utah to spend a few days with family and friends.  In Cleveland we used to go with them to the Botanical Gardens or, in winter, out to feed the birds.  So the best we could come up with here was a trip to Tracy Aviary up in SLC, then back to our house for lunch, and a tour of the office.  It was great hanging out with Dave and Cathy, and watching Brent and Trevor wrestle. 

Rare Celestial Events

I think Kyle would have been one of the wise men who followed the new star in the heavens to find Baby Jesus –because he loves Jesus, and because he loves learning about the cosmos as well. This Christmas season he watched as Jupiter and Venus appeared dangerously close to the moon (okay, not dangerously).  But it was cool to see them all within 2 degrees.  The photo on the right depicts some kind of gaseous explosion that will probably hit the earth sometime in the year 2014.

Yeah! The Bradleys are here!  Brent has been looking forward to Josh coming for Christmas for a long time.  We picked them up at the airport and they stayed the night.  Josh and Brent started out having a sleep-over with Josh on Brent’s bed and Brent on the floor next to him, but they “had a hard time going to sleep.”  Brent insisted on sleeping on the floor for a week after that—until he got a Wall-e tent for Christmas. 

Bailey –is that you walking? You are so tiny!  Don’t worry -Benson is just wondering if you can still walk with your eyes closed.

Playing in the SnowChristmas Eve

It’s always been tradition in the Carter family spend Christmas Eve together and have our sibling gift exchange –which is getting more grandiose every year.  As you can tell, everyone was excited as gifts were mysteriously questioned,

“Who’s it for? Who’s it for?”

then revealed and opened by the receiving party.  (This is everyone’s favorite part).  We gave the Bradley’s a gift certificate to The Olive Garden and ended up doubling with them after receiving the same from the Miners:)  Jacob and Danilee gave us Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, which we’re very excited about. 


Following the beloved gift exchange we watched our Family Reunion video (Thanks Shawn!) while we ate lunch, then reconvened by the piano for a reminder of the true meaning.  Dad read the story of Christ’s birth from Luke 2 while we attempted to act it out impromptu style.  Emma was excited to be an angel.  Shelly made some quick wings out of used wrapping paper and taped them on her back.  Just as she got up to declare glad tidings Benson swiped those wings off in one fell swoop.  Poor girl cried and cried. Although some disasters are unpreventable, I think next year we’ll try to be a little more organized.  The musical program that followed had been prepared much better.  We enjoyed singing together of our Savior’s birth and hearing narration from “The Living Christ”. 


By this time several people had gotten sick and bailed.  So, after Shelly’s delicious clam chowder (which turned out exactly how I remember Mom making it), we all went our separate ways to jump in our beds, cover up our heads, for Santa would come tonight!



 December For unto you is born this day 
a Savior 
which is Christ the Lord

Ah… my favorite day of the year –Christmas!  It just gets better every year as we, as parents, get to fuel the fire of anticipation in our youngsters building up to … presents!  Which reminds me, we’ll have to post here a great little video clip that demonstrates Brent’s understanding of “the true meaning of Christmas”.   Christmas Eve with the Carters was a lot of fun, but unfortunately a couple people had a 24-hr flu, which quickly got passed around to everyone, hitting Benson on Christmas Day –the poor kid.  He wasn’t into presents or anything.  He just wanted his “warmer drink of milk” and to watch a show –the usual.  We didn’t realize he was sick until later that day at Janine’s house.  So, I got to hang out and watch movies with the cute kid while Kyle and Brent joined the Clark side out at HCM for some good food and fun.  

Brent demonstrates here his favorite gifts:  a Little Einstein’s Rocket (Santa brought), and a full Larry-Boy costume –custom made by his most creative parents.  Benson received the same costume and together they have been sucking everything with their “super-suction ears” and being “that hero” to anyone in need.  (I love super-heroes!) 

There is one fundamental difference between the Clark family and the Carter family: Food Presentation.  Just look at that dessert!  It is gorgeous!  And notice how Linnea is carefully and precisely adorning each and every one.  And the great thing about this whole process is that they all enjoy it –so the food preparation becomes social hour.  (Except Kyle, come to think of it.  He is not usually in the thick of all the cooking, but he does enjoy the creative process of it.)  The Carters, on the other hand, have a different philosophy.  Spend as little time in the kitchen as possible!  Plus, the food just gets eaten/destroyed/disappeared.  I greatly admire these Clark women's  patience and diligence in creating beautiful and delicious food, I just don’t think I could do it myself.  (Which is probably why I rarely get asked to bring any food to a family dinner.)

Merry ChristmasBecky & Drew 
December 28, 2008
Manti Utah TempleHappy New Year!Text Box: Last year we broke a piñata on Christmas, but decided could greatly contribute to some New Year’s cheer.   This year’s piñata was pretty sad –just a brown paper bag—but the kids loved whacking at it anyway.  It held a bag of candy for each kid, which they used to decorate their own gingerbread house.  Brent did a great job and Benson ate lots of candy!
Mount TimpanogasI am that Hero!Even in my sleepTo Infinity 
and Beyond!

All growing up my older brother, Jarad, loved airplanes –still does.  In fact, he’s an airline pilot.  My younger brother, Shawn, always wanted to be a cowboy.  Apparently he’s changed his mind since.  But I never realized infatuated little boys are with



Ricky is sooo excited to move to Utah!  Shelly has always wanted to live by the Shocks, and now has her dream come true –right in their very basement!  We’re glad they’re here too, and hope they stay a while.

I love my lips!

We’ve constantly got Larry-Boys and Buzz Light-Years flying around saving people and planets.  And Brent is now also infatuated with Stripes –and PJs, and changing them constantly!

This is one of those situations where you don’t want to draw attention to the naughty thing they’re doing, but it’s just so funny and cute you’ve got to get a photo.  I don’t mind them climbing up there so much as the aftermath when all the blankets and toys end up all over the floor.

January 2009Sledding with Grandpa JadyHappy 3rd Birthday Brent!


Yeah –our little mountain climber!

I was reading on the couch when Benson came and took my book saying, “This book Benson’s”, then nestled himself into a comfy corner seat and began “reading” Spiritual Roots of Human Relations.

Kyle –when people built tower of babel to get to heaven, why couldn’t they get to heaven?  Why did Lord destroy their tower and confound their languages?



Bryce Scott Clark

Born 23-Jan-09 9:03 pm

19 inches

5 lbs. 13 oz.


(Brent and Benson were both 17.5 inches and 5 lbs. 5 oz.

and 5 lbs. 8 oz.)

Here he is! He came just three hours before his brother’s birthday. Benson was born three hours and thirteen minutes later, exactly two years ago. This was a very smooth delivery and he is our largest boy. He looks just like the other ones to me. They thought he was smaller than he is so they had Kelly go to the hospital today. Turns out he is 50% in most categories, and just over 10% in weight, about like  his brothers. It’s a family tradition. To keep the tradition he’ll now have to drink an lot of milk and get very very chunky over the next couple months. Check him out! I think he’s adorable.

We are very happy!


He likes bubble baths.

My wonderful boys brought me flowers in the hospital –one from each of them.  Love you guys!   Thanks for visiting Bryce and I.

Bryce comes home!

Grandma got the boys a new train set, which helped them cope with the change of having their mother either preoccupied or too tired to play.  I have to admit, this 3rd one was a big adjustment.  Now that we’re all sleeping better though our patience and daily routines have returned.

Text Box: We love you Bryce Scott!

Who would guess we could have such a view from our bedroom window down in our little basement home!