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Autumn 2008



Afton Carter

Benson & Mason Carter

Our new home in Highland Utah

I wish we had gotten Brent’s reaction to his new house on video because he was sooo excited!  He loves his new house as much as we do.  We feel very blessed to be here –the Lord knows exactly what we needed...and wanted.  Small, one level, clean, big fenced-in yard, horse fields and barn with Taka and Smokey, chicken coop, close to Kyle’s office –it’s perfect!  And I get to live “out in the country” like I always wanted.  It reminds me of Salem.  It feels like home!





Text Box: Site Explore
One week we were learning about the 5 senses.  On this day we went on a site explore to take pictures of all the things we saw.  Among their favorites were Taka (the horse), rocks (Brent always chooses “my favorite one I ever seen!”), jungle vines, and very small bugs and rocks.  
Text Box: When we go on walks Benson wears this awesome monkey backpack with a long tail that I can hold onto.  Brent, of course, wants to wear his Mickey Mouse backpack likewise.
Happy Un-Birthday Everyone!

The 1st hot-air balloon  piñata I’ve ever made- it was a smashing hit!

Boy do these kids LOVE PARTIES!

Benson loves being a chicken or a cow out in the chicken coop, and wandering out in the weeds.  He is an explorer.

Brent shields himself from imitation rain with his “kabrella”.

Photo shoot with Hyrum: The onset of Autumn

Brett and Megan invited us up to their house in Syracuse Utah.  It was great to see them again!  They’ve got 2 boys –Braxton and Logan.  I stole Becky right out of her house so we could spend a little time with her  before heading down to be with her honey in Zion’s.

OctoberGeneral Conference Weekend

Camera time boys!  Show me your tongue!  We didn’t really ask for it –this is just what boys do.  Wait, come to think of it, Aunt Cheryl actually taught them. 

We went  to the Sperry cabin up Provo Canyon for the Sunday session.  It was great to see Ken, Celia, and Brady Shock there!  During the sessions most of us went on a walk and Kyle took Benson on a drive to get some beautiful autumn photos.

Text Box: Brent Warner….. 
Toilet trained in every way!

Becky and Drew Clements are engaged!  Yeah!

Text Box: Brent LOVES the snow!  He gets sooo excited whenever it snows, and is always ready to go out and play.  This is his first snowman –you can see Kyle really had to scrape to get it a foot high.  Benson isn’t as impressed with the snow -it’s “so cold!”
First Snowfall of the YearText Box: A 10 minute drive put us at this granite river - about the most beautiful river we’ve ever seen.   Brent knows by now that he is a good hiker, and Benson just can’t stay out of the water –even if it’s freezing cold. 
Sledding with the Van VleetsNovemberText Box: Our new nephew –Grant Shawn Riggs.   
Congratulations Sterling and Linnea!
Text Box: Brent and Benson were really excited about carving a pumpkin.  For some reason Brent thought that once we opened it up he would find candy inside.  He was all ready with his big spoon to scoop it out.  Boy was he surprised to see a stringy, gooey, seedy mess!  He quickly handed Kyle his spoon and enthusiastically said, “Go for it!”
The boys had mixed feelings about this glowing new friend.  Benson dubbed it “The Scary One” and Brent made me put it outside.  Yet they loved peeking out the door and talking to it like it was some kind of pet.

Brent Warner Clark

Almost 3 yrs. old

Benson Jay Dean Clark

Almost 2 yrs. old