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Benson liked the fire the most, but didn’t know he was supposed to blow it out. Brent took care of it though.  We got the trick candles so we wouldn’t have to keep lighting them over and over and over.

Winter 2008


Jarad and Jewels came to visit before Christmas.  Kyle and I were excited to have our own little Christmas with our boys.  So, we did.  Since we were going to be in Utah on Christmas day, we just  asked Santa to come to our house before we left.  Upon seeing the big, red, toy car Brent screamed with excitement while doing the funniest little dance  I’ve ever seen.  He, of course wanted to open ALL the presents.  Benson enjoyed it too!  And we, as parents, experienced the magic of Christmas through them.

Little Einsteins?  Check!

Binki?  Check!

Teddy?  Check!

Okay Capn’,  we are ready for take off!

The office:  It went from a big hole in the ground to … this!  How exciting!

Christmas with our Families

Grandpas can always make you feel better

So can your aunts

But race tracks really do the trick!

Snowmobiling at Daniel’s Summit


 On MLK Jr. day we spent some time at the Botanical Gardens.  Then I had this great idea that we should have dinner together, and the guys should cook it while the girls kept an eye on the kids.  Kyle and Dave quickly agreed to this and stormed up a delicious Mexican dish. 

We love the Collettes because they’re so good at saving us from our own laziness.  

Botanical G

Like father….Like son

It was around nap time when Brent told me he was going to sleep in this box.  I thought he was faking it so he would have to go up to bed, but sure enough, he fell fast asleep!